-Dave Asprey, Founder of The BULLETPROOF Executive, Author of the BULLETPROOF diet & creator of BULLETPROOF coffee.

Liz Wolfe author of eat the yolks and skintervention guide

"Best. Lipbalm. Ever. And the toothpowder, I've never felt so clean while getting Dirty!"

Liz Wolfe, Author of "Eat The Yolks" & the Skintervention guide realfoodliz.com 


Clare from flame to fork paleo blogger


"The Dirt makes the best and cleanest tooth brushing powder (I've been using for almost two years now). But now they have dove into the world of perfumes and Everywhere Oils (literally you can use them everywhere! Hair, skin, face...) that smell amazing! A blend of exotic oils make these amazing products simple and luxurious. I've already gotten compliments on how yummy I smell!"

Clare Narquis, Blogger and Instagram superstar at "Flame to Fork" Flametofork.com


Daniel Stickler, M.D. Medical Director Physiologix Wellness Institute physiologix.org, blog at paleodoc.com

 "We had been searching for a toothpaste that was as natural as possible and contained no toxic additives with the caveat that it actually tastes good.  We found The Dirt at Paleo Fx 2014 and we were a little skeptical, had the right ingredients but could it do the job.  Stepping outside of our comfort zone using a tooth “powder” was a little freaky but after trying it we were hooked, tasted awesome and seemed to clean really well.  Will be recommending it for our patients."

Daniel Stickler, M.D. Medical Director Physiologix Wellness Institute physiologix.org, blog at paleodoc.com

Colin Wright, author and minimalist blogger at exilelifestyle.com

 "When I started using the Dirty Balm, I was concerned that I'd run out before I got back to the States so I could order more, but it turns out the little stick lasts a long while, in addition to being way better than anything else I've tried (which is a significant collection — traveling as much as I do, it's easy to fall apart if you don't take care of yourself when switching from climate to climate). Can't recommend this enough. Worth buying extras to give to friends, too, as they'll try to steal yours after just smelling it if you don't."

Colin Wright, Globe trotting publisher at Asymmetrical press asymmetrical.co, Author & Blogger at exilelifestyle.com

Sally hope, life coach, rock star and B school graduate

 "I was skeptical at first. I'm a minty fresh kind of girl when it comes to my teeth. But after hearing about how terrible traditional toothpaste is for my teeth, I decided to give this tooth powder a try. And I fell in love. My teeth have never felt so squeaky clean, and I felt like I was doing something really good for my body. It's kind of like the yoga of toothpastes. AND, I now adore (and crave...I know...it's weird) the taste. No joke I look forward to brushing my teeth every day."

Sally Hope, renegade life coach at Sallyhope.com, Rock Star bassist. 

Christopher Rivas, lifestyledezine.com"So grateful to have discovered 'The Dirt' - a serious game changer. The lip balm is the best I have ever tried, hand down &; The toothpaste is phenomenal, I can never go back now; it is truly a clean feeling. Head over to GiveMeTheDirt and order your DIRT now."

Christopher Rivas, lifestyledezine.com