About Us

The Dirt Paleo Personal Care was founded to start a revolution. 

We were not satisfied with the natural product lines on the market, many a 'green washed' to look much safer than they actually are and most use soy or corn byproducts which are cheap and unnecessary fillers. We demand more!


All of our products are Soy Free, Corn Free, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Cruelty Free and Natural. We don't use fillers, ever! Our essential oil blends are formulated to preform not just smell good (Sorry other guys). Everything about our product blends is intentional... and awesome. 


Because, why should your healthy lifestyle stop at your plate? Fix your face! The dirt is 100% natural 200% kick-ass.


Our Ingredients

We're taking 'natural' to the next level. Our blends are made using the highest quality natural ingredients and they are also specially formulated to work with your body in very specific ways. We use essential oils for their healing properties, absolutes for their aromatherapy properties and oils and butters for their nutrients. While you may love a minty lip balm we would not recommend menthol in a healing balm because it is a mild skin irritant. Likewise olive oil is high in Oleic acid which while moisturizing, can trigger acne in sensitive individuals. In a world full of amazing natural ingredients why settle for 'good enough' we strive for best.


What you will find in our line:

    • Pure, glorious essential oils
    • Natural high nutrient butters
    • Luxurious fatty oils (Don't fear fat!)
    • Mineral rich clays and salts

What you wont find:

    • Cheap fillers like soy bean oil.
    • Corn or corn by-products like Maltodextrin or xylitol
    • Harsh concentrations of essential oils that can damage delicate skin
    • Gluten or Grains
    • 'factory farmed' bees wax
    • Artificial preservatives

Our Story

Shannon Drake The Dirt Personal CareThe Dirt Paleo Personal Care was founded after our founder, Shannon,  noticed that her favorite natural products used ingredients that were highly processed and questionably safe. Drawing inspiration from her passion for studying traditional beauty secrets from around the world, she blended potion after potion until the ultimate formulas were created, blending essential oils to perform and smell good.

"I want to change our morning routine into a self care ritual. We are gifted these amazing human bodies for our short trip around the sun, when we take care of ourselves we are showing our appreciation for this amazing opportunity we are given. By changing our routines into a self care ritual we are fundamentally changing our experience of reality into one based around a pleasurable, luxurious, engaged human experience. As a long time practitioner of the paleo lifestyle I noticed  something about my favorite natural products... Many used ingredients that were highly processed, questionably safe and just seemed 'green washed'. I felt really let down. Using the principals of the paleo lifestyle; a 'whole foods' life style based on clean eating and high nutrients I drew inspiration from my passion for studying traditional beauty secrets from around the world to craft high quality, beautiful and natural products for women, men and kids too." - Founder, Shannon Drake





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