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Loyalty Rewards points program

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Hey Goodlookin' We noticed something... Once someone goes Dirt they don't go back.

A majority of our sales come from repeat customers and word of mouth so we are excited to reward your love with loyalty rewards points!

Once you sign up you'll be able to earn points for every purchase, for referring friends and more!

3 Easy Steps

loyalty rewards program step 1


Get 250 Points

loyalty rewards program step 1


$1 = 5 POINTS

loyalty rewards program step 1



Ways to Earn

Earn 5 points for every $1 spent

5 points for every $1 spent

Make a purchase of any oral care product

500 points when you refer a friend and give them free shipping when they make a purchase over $20

500 points

Refer a friend and gift them free shipping then get points when they spend $20 or more

5 points for every week your visit our website

5 Points

Every week you visit our website

50 points for liking us on facebook

50 Points

Like us on Facebook

50 points for following us on instagram

50 Points

Follow us on Instagram

Ways to Redeem Points

Redeem points to get a discount on your cart purchase

Cart Discounts

Redeem points for discounts on products

Redeem points for free shipping - coming soon

Free Shipping

Coming Soon

Redeem for free products on your birthday - coming soon

Free Products on your Birthday

Coming Soon

We're excited to reward you for being a loyal customer, sign up for our rewards program today!

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