The Dirt Toothpowder

Ingredients from Nature for a bright healthy smile!

Take your daily brushing from routine to ritual.

The Dirt Toothpowder combines traditional oral care ingredients with benefits
of essential oils to give you the greatest toothbrushing experience of your life!

Brush My Teeth with Powder?!

We are all familiar with toothpastes, but did you know that before toothpaste there was tooth powder?

Tooth powder has been proven to help with bad breath and even cavity-prone teeth. If you’re in need of a dental hygiene makeover, The Dirt is What you want on your bathroom counter.

There are many benefits to using Tooth Powder over toothpaste that many of us just aren’t aware of. The fact is that toothpaste is what most of us grew up using. It’s what we see on T.V. and other advertisements. So why switch? The proof is in the powder. 

Ingredients that make a difference

🚫SLS & Paraben Free
🚫No chemicals or fillers
🚫Fluoride Free
✅100% Natural & Safe
✅Dentist Approved

Conventional toothpastes contain elements that are harmful to your health. Plain and simple. They use ingredients that are great for the dishwasher, or cleaning your car’s headlights . . . but NOT for your teeth, gums, and body. Plastic micro-beads, sodium lauryl sulfate, glycerin, and fluoride to name just a few.The Dirt Tooth Powder brings you effective dental care that’s also delicious!
All while using ingredients provided by our earth.
Oh, and The Flavor so amazing you might not want to spit it out 😁

Fresh Breath And More!

The Dirt Toothpowder Conventional Toothpaste
Strengthens Enamel 
Naturally Remineralizes 
Promotes Stronger Teeth
Earth friendly
clean ingredients
Contains harmful chemicals

One Jar Lasts
6 Months!

The Dirt Toothpowder comes in an eco-friendly glass container and contains enough powder to last you 6 months! One jar at a time we are helping to reduce plastics going into landfills.

Happy mouths make a happy Planet.