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Shannon Drake


The Dirt Paleo Personal Care



Our principles

  • All of our products are Paleo friendly
  • Some of our products are vegan
  • All of our animal sourced ingredients are cruelty free and grass fed when applicable
  • We NEVER include: Grains, Gluten, Corn, Soy, or bi-products of them


Our current products

The Toothpowder

  • A Fluoride free, glycerin free tooth powder that works just like normal toothpaste without the pesky chemicals and artificial sweeteners
  • What’s wrong with glycerin? While it gives toothpaste a nice texture it also coats teeth like plastic wrap and prevents your teeth from naturally re-mineralizing. Learn more here:
  • Taste: the toothpowder uses exotic Saigon cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and sweet orange. It is naturally sweet tasting without any sugars or sweeteners. It tastes like spiced orange; some say it tastes like cola… no kidding!


Dirty Balm

  • A lip treatment packed full of nutrients, oils, fats and waxes that not only moisturize but soothe and replenish your lips
  • Excellent for cold dry weather, dry skin, sensitive skin, eczema, and people using harsh chemical acne medicines or just looking for a big plump pout
  • We do NOT use mint! Mint may be pleasing to your nose but it can be irritating to your skin, we instead use lavender, carrot seed and palmarosa which are all extremely skin nourishing


Future products

For Q4 we are planning

  • A face serum featuring luxurious rose oils and oud wood from the Middle East. Extremely soothing and rich this serum will be a hit!
  • An under eye brightening serum using the magical floral power of chamomile, we are currently testing formulations to optimize wear
  • A deodorant, one of the most requested items our deodorant will feature rich butters and effective essential oils. No fillers or chemicals


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