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    Back when we were just a tiny brand working out of our Los Angeles apartment we caught our first break. Two lovely ladies wrote about us on their  newly formed but influential blog Flame to fork. The rest is history

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    We believe in the power of your testimonial!

    Nothing helps people make positive choices about their health like the honest advice of influencers they trust. Influencers like you! 

    We prefer to work with individuals and small business.

    While the nature of the world demands that we run ads on large platforms we much prefer to support individuals and small businesses. We know from personal experience how much hustle it takes to make a small business work. We understand your situation and want to support win-win partnerships. We provide you with a quality, natural, beautiful, effective products to bring to your fan base. We know your fans are constantly on the look out for new, better product to fit their eco lifestyle and we are proud to make just those kinds of products. In trade you help us get the word out without having to give our hard earned budget to the faceless corporations that manage mainstream advertising.

    Why choose us over other oral care brands? 

    First we would like to start off by saying, whether you work with us or another natural brand, THANK YOU for supporting natural choices. Ultimately we want the world to know there are alternatives to toxic products, whether it is ours or not. 

    Unlike many other natural brands The Dirt is still family owned. We were founded by and still owned by a (soon to be) husband and wife team, back when they first started dating.

    The Dirt owns its factory. Many brands outsource their production to co-packers. Owning our factory allows us to reduce waste, quickly change product to better serve our customers and also allows us to employ a team of wonderful people from our local community.

    We make 95% of our products in the USA. Manufacturing provides respectable, fulfilling work that allows us to contribute to our local community by employing our neighbors. We have made many strategic choices in order to keep our manufacturing in the United States.

    We are flexible and adventurous. Being privately owned allows us to try new things and turn around ideas quickly. Have a crazy idea for a partnership? Shoot it our way and we will crunch the numbers to see if it's a win-win.

    Our products are TRULY natural and simple. We're sure you know but if you don't there is a 'green washing' effort happening in the natural products world. Every year there is a seminar on how to re-name your ingredients to sound more 'green'...that is pretty dishonest. We strive to use ingredients that are minimally processed, even if that means our toothpowder ends up earth colored instead of a more market friendly pure white.

    Our products work! We have over 6,000 reviews proclaiming how much our customer's love our products. 

    We want your input. As an influencer we know you have a lot of valuable experience in natural lifestyle, and you have the advantage of having an outside perspective. We value your help in making our products and brand even better for you and our customers.


    We're looking for people like you!


    We're excited to talk with you.