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Experience invigorating freshness with this elegant, anti-microbial tongue scraper. Crafted from 100% copper, this scraper helps to remove debris, reduce bacteria, and invigorate your breath, creating a cleaner and more hygienic oral environment. With its easy-to-use design, you can enjoy a fresher and cleaner oral experience with every use.

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Tongue scraping has been practiced all around the world for thousands of years, especially in India as part of the Ayuvedic practice of health.

Our copper tongue scraper is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Instantly evicting fuzzy gunk from your tongue with one swipe! You may think brushing your tongue is enough, but we challenge you to try our tongue scraper you will be WOW'ed by the difference.

Your tongue is the perfect place for bacteria, moist and full of great hiding places, by scraping your tongue you prevent the accumulation of bacteria and formation of inflamation for the whole mouth system.

SuItable FOR

 ✦ Adults & Children

✦ Normal Natural Teeth

✦ Crowns, Bridges, Braces  & Veneers

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The Dirt Difference

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Our regular tongue scrapers are flexible allowing you to custom fit your mouth. With thick arms and looped handles you can get a good grip for maximum clean.


Our premium scraper is twice the weight of our beloved original. The premium upgraded grip is an easier to hold, larger handle with grooved traction for an improved scraping experience.

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Sourced from Nature,
Made for your Body.

The human body is incredible, it is designed to thrive if only we give it the support it needs.  At The Dirt we design all of our products to support your bodies natural ability to thrive! From helpful herbs to mouth friendly minerals our formulations are bright smile friendly and taste bud approved. 

Our ingredients are chosen to provide effective cleaning, healing and prevention. Combined with a tooth friendly diet rich in calcium, magnesium, K2, D and lipids your body will have all it needs to thrive with a big bright smile.

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We are committed to bringing you high quality, natural, effective oral care with a conscious approach, because we know those values are just as important to us as they are to you.