Anti-Microbial Copper Tongue Scraper


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Take fresh breath to the next level!

Our copper tongue scraper removes the gunk that brushing alone simply cannot.

Why copper? Because it's medicinal uses have been proven throughout the history of mankind: Egyptians used copper for their water pipes, ship builders used copper to keep algae off ships, and Ayurvedic Indian practice still uses it to .. what? clean tongues!? Fancy that ;)

And, to boot, modern scientists have found that copper may be useful in the fight against the deadly MRSA virus.

So, while we hope you aren't fighting a potentially lethal disease in your mouth, our copper tongue scraper will drastically reduce the amount of bacteria living rent free on your tongue!

After all, no one likes freeloaders ;)

Learn all about the copper tongue scrape in this video from Shannon founder of The Dirt!



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