The Dirt Launches New Super Mint Toothpowder!

Written by shannon drake


Posted on December 12 2017

At The Dirt, we believe that simple natural formulas can outperform complicated industrial products without compromising on ingredients or user experience. That was why we founded The Dirt and that is why we are excited to bring you an extraordinary new toothpowder formula powered by great natural ingredients from around the globe!

Introducing the newest flavor to our toothpowder line Super Mint!

The dirt toothpowder new super mint fluoride freeWe started our internet famous extra fine bentonite clay and natural baking soda base then added superfood extracts like green tea extract and wasabi to support oral health and add natural flavor. Don't worry our wasabi is not going to light your face on fire, it acts as a gentle anti-bacterial agent while kicking in just a whisper of freshness in the background. Green tea extract is also anti-bacterial and studies have show it to have whitening effects.

Now of course we couldn't just toss some plain old peppermint oil in a jar and call it a day, that's way to basic for our taste! Our minty freshness comes from a proprietary blend of 3 varieties of mint essential oil to create a fresh, sweet, complex minty flavor that is never bitter.

We have an employee who is a self-proclaimed life-long "Mint hater" and even he loved Super mint! See his review on our test batch for yourself:
Mint haters converted!

 Our new Super Mint toothpowder has all the things you love about a Dirt product without any of the thing you don't like about controversial toothpaste like SLS, PEG, artificial sweeteners, flavors and fluoride. Our fantastic formulas help to freshen breath and whiten teeth while encouraging a clean, healthy mouth!

So grab your own tub and get brushing today!