The Dirt : Key Tips to Develop Good Habits

Written by Bryn O’Reilly


Posted on January 11 2022

Have you been struggling to develop good habits that are simple and easy to follow? Here are the best tips you should consider for developing good habits that will change your life without any hassle. 

When we talk about habits, one thing is clear; we often want to change our old habits that are not as good as they can be. Having good habits in our lives have the potential to lead us towards a successful life. 

Changes to lead us to developing good habits

  1. Start with Small adjustments:

Most people have the mindset that in order to achieve every change they want to develop, they often think they need to make extremely big changes. Instead of attempting to fix everything about your life in a short period of time, it is better to make small, yet effective changes so your mind can handle these small, but positive changes. 

For example, if you are looking to better yourself physically, do not jump right into a diet and an immense amount of exercise. Instead, make small changes to your meal choices and adding in small timed workouts to gradually increase the good habit. The reason behind this is the fact that it takes a decent amount of willpower, determination and patience to practice a new good habit, so, it is better to start out small. 

2. Start your day off by taking care of yourself: 


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3. Be positive


Whenever you decide to develop any good habits, it is important to realize this process is a long one. One of the key aspects to creating good habits is to remain positive and optimistic. Positive thinking not only helps you to overcome negative feelings, but also enables you to deal with stress-related issues. 

4. Commitment


It may be easier said than done, but it is extremely important for you to stick to your good habit routines. Commitment is not only a promise that you make to yourself, but it is something that will help push you towards your goals. If you stay committed and practice good habits, then the changes of success greatly increases. No matter the obstacle or challenge, it is important to stay determined to reach those goals you are pushing towards! 

5. Identify triggers


In order to create good habits, you must have a clear idea about all possible triggers and obstacles which may make your journey more difficult. When you start to form a good habit, there will certainly be many setbacks and bad days, but that does not mean that you should fold and give up. 


6. Support

Your friends and family have a lot to do with your journey for positive change to create good habits. If you let them know which habit you want to break and build back in a positive manner, then they will definitely offer you a supporting hand that can make things much easier for you. 


7. Celebrate Wins

Regardless of how small some wins are, you should celebrate them big or small! This will help bring you motivation towards achieving something bigger. It not only helps you in minimizing the chances of slipping back into the old habit, but it also pushes you deeper towards your goal. 

8. Focus on building a routine

If you want to add a good habit in your life, then you must focus on doing it on a daily basis because once you do that regularly, then you will not only be able to practice that habit more, but it will become a part of your daily routine.