The Dirt: Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Written by Bryn O’Reilly


Posted on December 09 2021

Do you find yourself picking your stocking stuffers last minute? Are you looking for ideas to make you more prepared this year? Whether you are an early shopper or last-minute shopper, I wanted to share a few ideas for stocking stuffers with you! The best part is, all of these items will ship in time for Christmas! 

Gift Guide for Anyone 

The Dirt has the BEST products that work for children and adults! The Dirt has an array of eco-friendly options that are perfect to boost your overall oral hygiene! 

 Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder

The Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder is just $29.99, and comes in three sizes: 6-month jar, 3-month tub as well as a 6 week travel size jar. This all-natural tooth powder is the perfect alternative to traditional toothpastes. The Dirt’s powder is made with ingredients so safe you could eat them! A delightful blend of clay, herbs and essential oils, the powder cleans your teeth without harsh chemicals or artificial flavors. 

The anti-oxidant rich herbs help to fight cell damage, therapeutic grade essential oils fight germs and remove plaque and tartar while bentonite clay gently dislodges stuck on stains and polishes for a brighter smile! This product is suitable for: adults and children, normal natural teeth, crowns and veneers, sensitive teeth and even manual or electric brushes! 

Try out these awesome flavors: 

  • Sweet Spice
  • Super Mint
  • Cinna Mint
  • Fennel Anise
  • Bubblegum 

How to use toothbrush powder: 

Step 1: Wet toothbrush and tap off extra water

Step 2: Dip toothbrush into powder and let it stick

Step 3: Tap off extra powder 

Step 4: Brush as usual 

Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Chemicals belong in a lab, not in your mouth, which is why the oil pulling mouthwash from The DIrt is perfect for you! Trisclosan, Aspartame, Fluoride and Alcohol belong in a chemistry kit, not in your bathroom! Oil pulling is an all-natural alternative to mouthwash but so much more! The oil pulling mouthwash is made with ingredients so natural you could eat them! A delightful blend of plant oils and essential oils clean teeth without harsh chemicals or artificial flavors. Antioxidant rich herbs help to fight cell damage, germs and removes plaque and tartar. All while refreshing your breath and toning the muscles of the face which increase blood flow to your teeth and gums. 

How to use the oil pulling mouthwash: 

For 3-5 times a week, swish a cap full for 5-20 minutes as the oils of sesame and coconut will coax a host of terrible toxins from your teeth and gums, all while you savor sea buckthorn, and essential oils. While the blend is safe to swallow, The Dirt recommends spitting the oil out after pulling! 

For just $23.99, this oil pulling mouthwash comes in two sizes: 4oz or 8oz. The mouthwash also comes in a variety of flavors: Rose Clove Mint, Super Mint, Fennel Anise or Sweet Cinnamon. 

The Dirt Gift Card

You can never go wrong with a gift card! Gift cards are perfect for stockings as they allow the person receiving the gift to pick and choose whatever he or she wants! What a better way to spend money at The Dirt than to pick out your own awesome products! 

You can buy a $10, $25, $50, $75 or $100 gift card! 

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush

For just $4.99, this all-natural toothbrush has a slightly larger circumference than a standard toothbrush which makes it great for all hands. Made of fast growing Moso Bamboo, this is an excellent choice for sequestering CO2. The charcoal infused bristles will help whiten and reduce microbes which provide a deep and gentle clean while also being biodegradable!