Powerful Ingredients You Can Read — Pulling Oil Mouthwash

Written by Bryn O'Reilly Design


Posted on March 18 2021

You know how sometimes you’ll feel compelled to read the ingredients of your favorite guilty pleasure junk food? And it freaks you out a little when you don’t recognize half the words? Well… have you ever done the same with your mouthwash?

Generic mouthwashes contain ingredients that you may have never heard of and certainly may not know the potential side effects of either. For example, triclosan can cause severe irritation and peeling of the skin in your mouth. Regular mouthwashes also contain chlorhexidine gluconate, a chemical that can actually stain your enamel.

This same chemical is also responsible for killing both the good and bad bacteria in the mouth whereas The Dirt’s Pulling  Oil Mouthwash only kills the bad bacteria. In addition, the good bacteria in your mouth releases nitrates that relaxes blood vessels and regulates blood pressure.

The Dirt has dedicated their efforts to creating natural products that are free of harmful ingredients but still fight for your health. Our Pulling Oil Mouthwash uses a blend of plant oils and essential oils to clean teeth without harsh chemicals or artificial flavors. The herbs in our blends are rich with antioxidants and consequently fight cell damage, kill germs, and remove plaque and tartar.

The Dirt has even gone above and beyond—not only are our products made from natural ingredients but our oil pulling technology has additional benefits and the longer you swish the better. To simply freshen breath and prevent tooth decay and damage, you can swish for about 3 minutes. 

However, if you swish for about 20 minutes impurities around your teeth a gum like built up bacteria and plaque will remove themselves from in-between hard to reach places, in other words we are “pulling” out the yuck! Our face has tons of muscles that we never even use so the action of swishing tones the muscles of your face. A free facelift in addition to healthy gums and a whiter smile! The ingredients in our mouthwash promote healing of any cuts, sores, inflammation, and irritation. And each flavor may have additional benefits, for example, Fennel Anise contains star anise which is a super powerful ingredient for preventing cold and flu. People have long since directly chewed on star anise to keep up their immune system during cold and flu season. Check out the ingredients blog for each Pulling Oil Mouthwash Flavor!

You can read every ingredient on the back of our label which is something to smile about! Try all of our Pulling Oil Mouthwash flavors on givemethedirt.com 

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