Morning Habits to Promote Productivity 

Written by Bryn O’Reilly


Posted on March 28 2022

For most people, mornings are associated with being tired and groggy and filled with the relentless thoughts of a list of things to do during the day. Now, I don’t know about you, but that is not the best idea to start off your morning routine and it is certainly not one that will set you up for a productive day either! 

When filled with the right things, mornings can actually be one of your most joyous times and can set the tone for the whole day ahead! Once you find the right productive morning routine, you will actually enjoy waking up in the mornings and starting your day! 

Consistency is key! Arguably, the most important factor in having a productive day is waking up early enough instead of just going back to snoozing your alarm. The best action is to start off slow and incorporate one positive habit at a time. 

10 morning habits for a productive start to the day

  1. Wake up early

There is something about waking up early that does wonders for productivity. Beginning the day early and often will allow your body to fall into a good routine. It is obvious if you think about it… waking up early gives you a ton of extra time in the day to focus on yourself and do your own thing!


2.Drink water

We naturally dehydrate overnight since we obviously don’t take in enough fluids while we are sleeping! This means it is important to rehydrate ourselves during the day! Find a fun water bottle and fill it up and start drinking!


3. Make your bed

Starting your day with a win is a great way to boost your mood and boost your productivity levels. Yes, it may sound silly, but making your bed really is enough to give you that accomplished feeling and increase your likelihood of success. 


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5. Journal 

The mornings are a perfect way to fill yourself with feelings of happiness and gratitude if you take a few moments to journal. Not only does a journal help us regulate our thoughts and emotions, they are perfect for planning out crazy days! Tap into those inner thoughts and feelings that are difficult to access throughout the day and get them down on paper.


6. Practice affirmations

When you repeat affirmations in the morning, you are quite literally announcing that you are going to have a positive and productive day! It is important to start your day off on a positive note!


7. Exercise

Exercise in particular is a great way to get your blood and body moving! This movement will endorse endorphins which will allow you to start your day off in a happier moodl


8. Shower

I don’t know about you, but showering in the mornings makes a huge difference. Showering in the morning is that extra step I need to feel cleansed and energized. It washes off old energies and helps me to feel like I am starting the day fresh!


9. Eat breakfast 

You may have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and honestly, I feel there is definitely some truth to this. Eating breakfast is really a non-negotiable for me if iwant to have a productive day.


10. Plan your day

Planning is an essential part of productivity- if you go about life without a plan, then it is highly unlikely you are going to stumble into success.