How to Keep Your Teeth Clean During the Holidays

Written by Bryn O’Reilly


Posted on December 15 2021

This is certainly the best time of year filled with traditions with loved ones and friends and everyone is in a cheerful mood but among all the fun, your oral health is often forgotten among all the delicious treats and sweets! Keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful during the holidays can be a bit of an effort but is definitely worth every second of effort! Here are a few simple tips to help keep your teeth in great shape throughout the winter holidays! 

How to guide for healthy holiday teeth: 

1. Try to avoid sugar:

Who doesn’t love all the candy and sugary sweets and treats that fill your holiday rooms? A great way to try to keep your teeth clean is to substitute those sugar filled sweats with something a little better for your chompers. Cheese, for example, is a great snack option that goes well with both soft drinks as well as your favorite drinks filled with alcohol. The milk in the cheese is a great way to add calcium to your body to ensure your teeth are getting as much as they need in order to stay strong!


2. Limit snacking: 

As the holidays begin to get stressful, try to remember to give yourself proper meals to avoid snacking on those treats filled with sugar that will ultimately damage your teeth and oral health. Munching on sugar all day, puts your teeth at greater risk of decay. Try to discipline yourself to only eat during normal meal times to keep those sugar urges to a minimum. 

3. Veggies and fruits: 

Yes, I know what you are thinking having veggies and fruits during the holidays but this is a great way to avoid those extra added calories and sugars away from your teeth! Most veggies are loaded with Vitamin A which are great for both your teeth and health! 


4. Red teeth? 

If your holiday dinners consist of red wine, try switching out the red wine with a white one. Your pearly whites will definitely thank you for this one! Red wine, unfortunately, can stain your teeth! If you are planning to get a teeth whitening procedure before the holidays, your teeth will easily be stained and reverse the whitening effects. 


5. Stick to your oral care routine: 

Your daily schedule is likelly to shift and change drastically during the holidays, so don’t forget to keep up with your oral care routine. It is important to brush your teeth, floss and wash your mouth out at least twice a day. In order to do this, you need to buy your favorite products from The Dirt

The Dirt has the BEST products to ensure your oral care and health stay perfect during the holidays! Here are some products that are essential to keep your teeth and overall oral health great during the holidays: 


  • Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder: For just $29.99 you can buy a 6 month jar of tooth powder that cleans, polishes and brightens your smile. The toothpowder is an all-natural alternative to toothpaste that does not include any harsh chemicals. A delightful blend of clay, herbs, and essential oils, the powder will clean your teeth without those artificial flavors, and will leave your mouth feeling the cleanest its ever been! This tooth powder is perfect for all ages, sensitive and normal natural teeth, and even crowns, bridges and veneers! 
  • Bamboo Toothbrush: For just $4.99, you can grab a toothbrush made of fast growing moso bamboo that is an excellent choice for sequestering CO2. The toothbrush has charcoal infused bristles to help whiten and reduce microbes. 
  • Antimicrobial Tongue Scraper: You can’t go wrong with an antimicrobial tongue scraper from The Dirt for just $6.99! The tongue scrapers are flexible allowing you to custom fit to your mouth! With thick arms and looped handles, you can get a good grip for the best clean! The Dirt’s tongue scraper is naturally antibacterial, instantly evicting gunk from your tongue with one swipe! This is the perfect stocking stuffer for any sustainable household or person! 
  • Plastic Free Silk Floss from The Dirt is also a great choice to put in your Vejibag! For just $5.99, the biodegradable silk floss is perfect for the environment compared to plastic floss that does more harm than good! Even more so, this is a completely plastic-free product! The beautiful spool of silk floss comes in a recyclable reusable glass vial with a metal top! 
  • Oil Pulling Mouthwash: Chemicals belong in a lab, not in your mouth, which is why the oil pulling mouthwash from The DIrt is perfect for you! Trisclosan, Aspartame, Fluoride and Alcohol belong in a chemistry kit, not in your bathroom! Oil pulling is an all-natural alternative to mouthwash but so much more! The oil pulling mouthwash is made with ingredients so natural you could eat them! A delightful blend of plant oils and essential oils clean teeth without harsh chemicals or artificial flavors. Antioxidant rich herbs help to fight cell damage, germs and removes plaque and tartar. All while refreshing your breath and toning the muscles of the face which increase blood flow to your teeth and gums. 


How to use the oil pulling mouthwash: 


For 3-5 times a week, swish a cap full for 5-20 minutes as the oils of sesame and coconut will coax a host of terrible toxins from your teeth and gums, all while you savor sea buckthorn, and essential oils. While the blend is safe to swallow, The Dirt recommends spitting the oil out after pulling! For just $23.99, this oil pulling mouthwash comes in two sizes: 4oz or 8oz. The mouthwash also comes in a variety of flavors: Rose Clove Mint, Super Mint, Fennel Anise or Sweet Cinnamon.