How to Color Easter Eggs Naturally

Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator


Posted on March 28 2020

If you’re looking to take a more natural approach for coloring Easter eggs, and want to avoid the chemicals that artificial dyes bring, look no further than your refrigerator! Simple household ingredients prove to be a suitable source in creating a colored mixture for your eggs.

Here are a few ingredient ideas for creating a palette of colors:

  • Blue: blueberries, red cabbage
  • Green: spinach leaves, green apple peels, red onion, celery
  • Yellow: lemon peels, yellow apple peels, carrot tops
  • Orange: orange peels, ground cumin, yellow onion
  • Pink: beets, raspberries, cranberries
  • Purple: grape juice, red cabbage

Once you have your ingredients chosen, here are the steps for preparing your dye:

1. Mix a single ingredient with one cup of water

2. Boil until the water simmers

3. Cool at room temperature and strain into a jar

4. Stir in a splash of vinegar

5. Begin coloring your eggs

The longer that you soak the Easter eggs into the mixture, the darker the color will be. It is recommended to soak in the refrigerator to preserve the shade of the dye.

Enjoy coloring your Easter eggs!