Fall in Love with Your Oral Care Routine

Written by Bryn O'Reilly Design


Posted on January 19 2021

Whether you're prepping for a special night or practicing some much needed self care, The Dirt has a bunch of goodies and the perfect step by step guide to have you fall in love with your oral care routine this Valentine’s Day.

Step 1: BRUSH

Start by wetting your bamboo toothbrush and dunking the charcoal infused bristles into The Dirt Trace Mineral Toothpowder. Our toothpowder is made from a gentle blend of bentonite clay, antioxidant rich herbs, and essential oils to fight germs, remove plaque, and gently dislodge stuck-on stains for a brighter smile without the harsh chemicals and enamel eroding silica found in modern toothpaste.

Step 2: FLOSS

Gently pull our Plastic Free Silk Floss through each of your teeth. Be sure to hug the floss around each tooth in a “C” shape to ensure all food particles and plaque are removed.

Step 3: SCRAPE

Use the Pure Copper Tongue Scrapers smooth and broad cleaning surface to safely remove plaque. Place the horseshoe at the back of your tongue and apply light pressure. Pull forward and rinse the scraper off in the sink. Repeat until all grime is removed. Store your tool in a dry place.

Step 4: PULL

Time for mouthwash. Did you know that most modern mouthwashes zap both good and bad bacteria from your mouth? The Dirt’s Pulling Oil Mouthwash is an all natural alternative designed to protect the mouth’s beneficial bacteria, freshen your breath, and tone the muscles of the face to increase blood flow to your teeth and gums. When you use an oil pull you can swish anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. The longer the pull, the better the result. 

Step 5: SPRAY

Have our alcohol free Breath Spray on hand to fight bad breath. This breath spray is a natural blend of healthy MCT coconut oil, therapeutic essential oils, and solvent free stevia. We recommend using a few sprays and swishing before swallowing for an extra clean, minty mouth.

When all of these products are used in unison your oral pleasure is sure to increase. We suspect that better  breath, will lead to more dates, that lead to more make out sessions.😅

All of these products come in our Healthy Mouth Makeover Gift Set, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any partner, galentine, or for yourself! 

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