Elf on the Shelf

Written by Bryn O’Reilly


Posted on December 08 2021

It’s almost that time of year where the Elf on the Shelf returns to keep an eye on the kids! If you are struggling to come up with ideas that are different from years past, here are some great ideas for you and your elf! 

What is Elf on the Shelf?

Elf on the Shelf is a popular tradition where families use a plush stuffed elf to keep an eye on children during the Christmas holidays. The children often give the elf their own unique names as it arrives right after Thanksgiving.  Through the years, the trend has gained a lot of popularity with parents often seeking out different ways to make sure their kids stay on their best behavior. 

 Easy Elf on the Shelf ideas: 


Let’s be honest, while everyone is making the holidays cheerful and exciting, everything can feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, here are some easy ways to use Santa’s helper!