Cool Father's Day Gifts

Written by Bryn O'Reilly Design


Posted on June 02 2021

It’s no surprise Father’s Day is quickly approaching which is why it is important to take the time to remember the importance of fatherhood and celebrate the bonds we have with our Dads. There certainly is no shortage of activities that you can enjoy either as a family or one-on-one with your dad. Sometimes, though, it is extremely difficult to come up with ideas that are meaningful, yet simple to celebrate the love and appreciation we have for them! Take a peek at some of our ideas for Father’s Day celebrations! 

Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Keep in mind that gift giving is all about what is best for the guy you are shopping for. What you deem as “cool” may be ill-suited in dad’s eyes, so you will want to find something that is perfect for him! Does he have any hobbies? What about something new for him to try?

The Dirt: You heard it here, yes dirt; and no, not dirt from the backyard, but The Dirt website offers an array of gifts perfect for dads! My absolute favorite gifts I have given my father are the Everything Gift Set and the Happy Mouth Gift Set

  • The Everything Gift set has everything one needs for a healthy smile and fresh breath! Some of the products include: oil pulling mouthwashes and toothpastes in various flavors, a Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush, a Copper Tongue Scraper and even a Triple Butter Dirty Balm. 
  • The Happy Mouth Gift Set is a perfect starter kit to start a healthy addiction to the awesome products from Dirt! You have the option to choose our natural toothpaste or tooth powder as  the base of this gift that  also includes a Triple Butter Lip Balm and  a Copper Tongue Scraper, the ultimate secret weapon for oral health. 

Dress Him Up in Style: How about a brand new shirt that is perfect for spending time outdoors for Father’s Day activities such as picnicking, hiking, or fishing. The Men's It's Elemental -Tri Blend Tank  is perfect for the summer heat without him having to cut the sleeves off one of those beloved “best dad” t-shirts. This tank is racerback, form-fitting with a tri-blend of polyester, cotton and rayon. 

Grilling Equipment: Has he been dreaming of a Big Green Egg or even the miniature version? Drooling over a new Blackstone? Maybe even planning to create an outdoor kitchen? Help make his dreams come true by gifting one of his favorite grilling pieces! You certainly would be the coolest wife or kid in the world— well fed too! 

Personalized Gift Giving: Custom coffee mugs, beer can insulators, or even a personalized watch are meaningful gift’s dad can always look down and feel loved. These modern gift ideas are some of the most exciting gifts to truly make him feel special. Maybe even a personalized hammer to really encourage dad to complete those much needed projects around the house! 

Whatever you plan or buy, it is about spending quality time together. End Father’s Day reminiscing about memories, eating good food with a nice cold drink and let the love for dad shine through! It may just be one of the best days you have ever spent together in a long time! Let’s give our dads a day they will never forget- until next year that is!