Paleo Holiday Gift Guide

Written by shannon drake


Posted on October 15 2013

The holidays are almost here and the team at 'The Dirt' wanted to share some of their favorite paleo gifts with you (besides our lip balm and toothpowder of course, ok so we included those too :) The holidays can be hard for primal people, what with all the sweets and cheap candy, but buying paleo friendly gifts will be easy after you read our paleo gift guide. Whether you're shopping for Christmas gifts, Kwanzaa gifts, Chanukah gifts, Halloween or Thanksgiving gifts our paleo gift guide will have you ready for black friday!


In no particular order, we love these primal friendly gifts

10. Practical Paleo by

This is our top pick for all around Paleo guide books, it features tear out shopping pages, 30 day meal plans and recipies up the wazoo! We've personally made quite a few of them and they are delicious! Our favorite part is the easy to comprehend section that explains the health benefits of the Paleo diet, they even target certain common ailments. This is the perfect gift for the Paleo curious person in you life


9. Epic Bar

These paleo friendly power bars are super tasty and dedicated to sustainable and responsible farming. We love every single flavor but beef habanero & cherry is a crowd pleaser!


8. Healthy Suprise Snack Box

This is the mack daddy of all snack box subscriptions! Every snack is FULL SIZE unlike many competitors. Each month they ship a new assortment of snacks right to your door, how handy is that! While they are soy free, corn free, gluten & grain free they do occasionally use brown rice syrup in some snacks. This is the perfect one time or reoccurring gift for the 80/20 primal person in your life!


7. Acure Argan Shampoo & Conditioner

For those of us who just can't do the 'no poo' Acure makes great products that are very natural and effective. Plus they smell great! For that salon feel without the salon chemicals we reach for Acure every time!


6. The Squatty Potty


While your in-laws may giggle they will be singing your praises after a few weeks with the Squatty Potty. This rather chic looking device helps align all the essential bits to help our bodies use western toilets appropriately... squatting! It's surprisingly comfortable to use, you will notice instant results. Beside comfort it helps to prevent many bowel diseases and eases chronic bathroom issues. It's not a pretty topic but it's a life changer!


5. Salt lamps

Himalayan sea salt is great to eat and it also makes for beautiful lamps! Not only are these lamps beautiful but they are touted as air purifying and ion neutralizing, whether or not that is true they cast a beautiful warm light that is perfect for a cozy bedroom or winding down at the end of the day. We love Evolution brand salt lamps because they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes!


4. Sassy apparel for the crossfiter in your life


Crossfit and paleo are like peas and carrots, so even if you don't do crossfit we be you know someone who does! This shirt.... they need it.


3. The Dirt paleo personal care 

We challenge you to take your lifestyle to the next level, go paleo with your personal care products. Your skin is your body's largest organ, it absorbs much of what is put on it. Many "natural" Personal care products have soy and corn products in them, ours don't!  Our lip balm is magic, you wont find a more soothing blend around! The toothpowder works and skips out on poisonous fluoride and tooth coating glycerine, learn more here. 

 2. Turn any veggie into noodles!

Now this is a lifesaver, especially for the paleo person from an italian background. Turn any semi hard vegetable into spaghetti like strings with this easy to use device. We're big fans of zucchini noodles and pesto! Much easier to use than a mandolin slicer this tool will make your dinner routine much easier. 


 1. Hardwood teething rings


Ever wonder what babies did before they gnawed on chemical filled plastic? They chewed their little hearts away on wood! Not only does natural maple lack the hormone disrupting chemicals of plastic, but the texture helps promote jaw and tooth development! Did you know many people in the modern world suffer from a lack of a good chew? It's true, our food is so soft that it does not force our jaws to grow robust and strong. Help the next generation change the trend with natural teething products like these.  They even have ingenious teething necklaces for the chic paleo mom. 


We hope you found our paleo holiday gift guide useful and fun! Do you have a favorite primal friendly gift to recommend? Leave a tip in the comments!