The Glycerine in your toothpaste is ruining your teeth!

Written by shannon drake


Posted on August 07 2013

In the 1800s, before toothpaste was officially “modernized,” you could find common ingredients such as chalk, salt and soap combined and sold in the market to prevent tooth decay. Now, “modern” toothpaste contains everything but the kitchen sink in suspiciously unnecessary and largely toxic varieties. It turns out that the original idea of using chalk, salt and soap was actually good for your teeth although not very tasty. Chalk contains calcium, salt has trace minerals and soap helps kill bacteria. Simple an effective… also chemical and toxin free.

Modern toothpaste is another story.

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), your toothpaste must have fluoride plus antibacterial ingredients. Yet, fluoride is more harmful (toxic) than it is effective.  Add in sodium lauryl sulfate, GMO soy lethicin,  Xylitol made from GMO corn and glycerine—that are in nearly all toothpastes on the market, even the “natural” ones.

While we have all heard about the dangers of fluoride many people do not know how Glycerin harms your teeth. Glycerine helps give toothpaste its pasty feel, it’s unnecessary and suspected to coat your teeth like plastic wrap blocking your teeth from re-mineralizing or maintaining the proper balance of nutrients. Toothpastes with glycerine “require 20 rinses to get it off” (Judd, Good Teeth, Birth to Death). This difficult to remove barrier is the reason why glycerine is so bad for your teeth.

So how do we change our ways and get our teeth in to tip top shape? There are two important points to remember that will help your “pearly whites” stay healthy, all the way into retirement is:

1)   To think of your teeth are living organs, composed mainly of calcium and phosphate; each day your teeth lose minerals and must restore itself or “re-mineralize” themselves.

2)   Know that your saliva “bathes” your teeth in minerals, you may need an extra boost to help feed your teeth.

First step is to stop using toothpaste that has glycerin and switch to an alternative. Our “Dirt” toothpowder is glycerin free and packed with calcium, phosphate and lots of natural ingredients that your teeth and gums love! It tastes great like spiced orange and whitens naturally!  Even multi-million dollar superstar Julia Roberts with her award winning smile is a fan of abandoning traditional toothpaste. Many people use simple baking soda, while this does clean your teeth it lacks the nutrients your teeth and gums need to heal and the PH is too low which can strip minerals from your teeth. Using our tooth powder bathes your pearly whites in natural minerals and vitamins every time you brush.

In addition to choosing a glycerin free tooth powder, eating a wholesome diet, such as obtained from the Paleo or caveman diet will help balance minerals from the inside. This is arguably, the healthiest way you can eat; it involves  fruits and vegetables packed with earth’s minerals, including nuts, seeds, fish and lean meat with minimal cooking (low temperatures) utilized.

By combining a good diet with non glycerin cleaning practices like you will get with our “Dirt” toothpowder you can heal your teeth and help them become bright and white again, naturally! Remember after switching to your new routine it will take 20 brushings to get the old glycerine off,  with a little time and patience your teeth will be singing your praises. 

Grab your own jar of “the dirt” tooth powder here: The Dirt Trace Mineral Toothpowder