We now accept Bitcoin!

Written by shannon drake


Posted on December 11 2013

Oh how we love the future,

In our opinion things just get better and better. Fresher food, self driving cars, a new wave of people embracing both the old and new. One of the new exciting things we are trying out is accepting Bitcoin!

You can now make all of your purchases using bitpay, to pay in bitcoin. Buy gifts, buy refills, buy anything we sell using bitcoin. Will this crypto currency stand the test of time? That is not for us to say but while it is here we are excited to give it a shot!  You will find the option to pay in bitcoin on the last step of the check out process shown below


We are one of the few beauty & personal care brands on the market who is accepting bitcoin. We hope the awesome, adventurous, avant-garde bitcoin community loves our products just as much as the paleo, crossfit, health nut, anti-fluoride do-gooder crowd does. WE LOVE having such an awesome community of free thinkers rally around our brand.


Thank you all for thinking outside of the box and getting dirty with us!