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Spring Equinox: Refresh Your Oral Care Routine

Posted on March 17 2020

Spring Cleaning Has Taken on New Meaning…

What comes to mind at the start of Spring? Warm weather, flowers in bloom, the outdoors… CLEANING! This season take your spring cleaning in a new direction and give your teeth the cleanse and care that you would to your home.

Here are a few ways to spring into your green oral care routine!

1. Start Your Natural Whitening Regimen Now

Giving your teeth their bright, white sparkle back begins with steps that you can take in the comfort of your own home! Change up your oral care routine by adding our mineral-based Toothpowder, and watch the results as the natural ingredients rid your teeth of impurities and excess dirt to reveal a whiter smile. Our customers love how effectively and rapidly our Toothpowder has helped get that dentist clean feeling, and get whiter, naturally.

Help prevent stains on your teeth by limiting your coffee, wine, and soda intake. While these beverages may be delicious and a staple in your daily routine, they are also infamous for staining teeth. If skipping your morning coffee is out of the question, try drinking these beverages using a straw to avoid direct contact with your teeth, or, brushing immediately after.

2. Add Oil Pulling to Your Routine

Our Oil Pulling Mouthwash is the must-have addition to your oral hygiene routine that will have your teeth (and breath) thanking you! Sanitize your mouth the same way you would to your hands by killing harmful bacteria with an oil pull. And the benefits don’t stop there – oil pulling has also been proven to promote oral health by preventing cavities and improving overall gum health! Practice this treatment 3-5 times a week for 5-20 minutes and see the change in your smile.

Our mouthwash is not your average mouthwash, as we have combined two unique formulas to revolutionize your teeth cleaning experience, proving that not all mouthwashes are created equally. Try out our new Super Mint flavor that will leave your teeth with lasting, fresh breath!

3. Prepare for Travel Plans

Spring is a common time to start getting that travel itch after a long winter of being cooped up at home. If you have travel plans this season, don’t forget to stock up on our travel-sized items.

4.Subscribe and Save!

If you’d rather spend more time enjoying the beautiful weather and less time worrying about reordering your Dirt, you’re in luck! The Dirt offers subscriptions on a few of our best-selling items to take the work out of remembering to reorder your essentials. And save 10% on any subscription order!