Top 10 Gifts for Yogis

Written by Joe Winke


Posted on December 04 2015

It's the holiday season and you've got a friend who is your down dog and you have no idea what to get them? Well we've got you covered! Our office tribe are big time Yogi's so we polled them to get their top holiday picks for yoga enthusiasts!  Here is our list in no particular order.

Our top 10 gifts for yoga lovers.


1. Dharma Yoga Wheel

These thing are great! Get that oh no needed back stretch in a safe and supported manner with the yoga wheel. This baby is sure to cure "computer back" and will up any yogi's back bend game. Get one here.

2. Prayer Beads

The must have acessory for any yogi, especially our fashion forward guys and gals. With thousands of styles to choose from you're sure to find one that is perfect for your Bae or Boo. Try getting one made of their birth stone for an extra special touch. Get one here.

3. Soma System Rolling Balls

Got tight muscles? Work. It. Out. with Soma systems AWESOME double back roller. This little thing packs a punch and loosens aching back muscles in a flash. Get one for home and the office.

4. Travel Yoga Mat - Manduka
You haven't lived until you have a light weight portible yoga mat! Take it to the park, to your friends house or keep it in the car. You will be amazed at how often having a light weight portable yoga mat comes in handy! Grab one here.

5. Squeaky Clean Gift Set - Ayurvedic Oral care
Yogis are all about detoxing but many people don't realize that they should detox thier oral care routine. The Squeaky Clean gift set comes with a deliciously delectible Rose toothpaste and a ayruvedic copper tongue scraper which has been used for thousands of years in India to keep your mouth clean and breath fresh. Get one here.


6. Custom Yoga Pants

Can you say FUN! Get your dogs face printed all over your bum so you can really get down dog, nothing is more fun than that! Get some here.

7. Minty CBD Breath Spray

The latest studies show that CBD is a superfood when it comes ot increasing wellness and fighting stress. Perfect for the yogi who is always aiming for balance in life. We love this brand becasue they use non-gmo all natural solvent free ingredients. Grab a bottle here.

8.Yoga Inspired Natural Essential Oil Perfume Set

What's your favorite yoga? Ashtanga? Hatha? Kundalini? There is a scent for that! These scents are made of 100% natural therapeutic grade essential oils and jojoba seed oil and that's it! Inspired by the branches of yoga get all 3 and change your scent with your mood. Grab a set here.

9. Cotton Yoga Mat

For the ultimate Eco-conscious yogi grab them a cotton yoga mat! 100% plastic free and beautiful these mats are unique and great for the environment. You're sure to be the talk of the asana with this mat! They come in many beautiful colors grab yours here.

10. Gluten Free Snack Gift Box
Help your friend stay healthy all year with delicious gluten free snacks! What is cool about this company is that you can buy a single box or sign someone up for a subscription and send them a gift every month for as long as you like! check out your box options here.