10 Home-School Resources for Parents During COVID-19

Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator


Posted on April 02 2020

We can all agree COVID-19 is turning everyone’s world a bit upside down – and parents are of course no exception! Now, with schools being closed, parents are faced with another responsibility: How can I continue education for my child? To set your child up for success at home, it’s recommended to establish a daily routine (that also fits into your schedule if you are working yourself), as well as set up a learning space separate from their play or recreational area.

If you are having to familiarize yourself with what your child should be learning in order to keep up in school, it can be challenging to find grade-appropriate work (especially if your child’s school hasn’t been able to provide any). We spoke to a local public school teacher and asked for some free online resources that provide educational materials that can assist in your lesson planning. Here’s what she recommended:

1. 123 Homeschool for ME - Not only does this resource provide guidelines for setting up an educational structure in your home, it also contains thousands of printable worksheets across all subject areas.

2. Simple Homeschool (blog) - A must-follow blog for ideas on how to get creative with learning in your home to keep your kids engaged.

3. Khan Academy - This non-profit organization offers free online lessons, instructional videos, and interactive exercises in multiple disciplines.

4. Go Noodle - This resource engages kids with mindfulness and movement videos, created by child development experts.

5. Time For Kids - This is a newspaper source for kids that informs them of current events and checks for reading comprehension with corresponding worksheets. They are offering a free digital library through school closures to support continued education at home.

6. i-Ready - This resource provides free printable reading and math packets for grades K-8.

7. Johnnie’s Math Page - This resource offers math games and activities according to each math strand for grade levels first through sixth.

8. Lakeshore Learning - This resource contains TONS of lesson plans, activities, printable worksheets, and craft ideas that can be easily implemented at home!

9. Mensa for Kids - Available for grades K-High School, this site provides instructional lesson plans, games, and resources across all subject areas.

10. BrainPOP - Formerly subscription-only, this web-based platform is now offering FREE services through school closures! BrainPOP has a wealth of engaging instructional videos and interactive quizzes that are appealing to children.

While you and your children are staying on top of schoolwork, it’s important to remember to have fun during isolation too! Take breaks, play games, go outside for fresh air. You can even make educating fun with puzzles, books and arts and crafts. Have grace with yourself and know that you’re doing a great job!