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Are you a modern day Viking Warrior who desires to look as victorious and valiant on the battleground as he does in the boardroom?

Perhaps you fancy yourself a post-modern pirate with as much a penchant for the art of facial presentation as you do pillaging?

Well! Then our Bristle Busting Beard Oil is just the thing for you - you dashing dichotomy of times past and present.


Our Beard Oil boasts the abilities of frizz fending Argan Oil, wrinkle reducing Jojoba and Sesame Oils, and elasticity enhancing coconut oil.

In short, an ample application of our artisanal oils to your macho mane will maintain it's maximum masculinity by both taming it's tousles and tangles, and nourishing every gnarly nook with luxuriously niche nectars.

To Use:

  • Baby bristle beards may only need 1-3 pumps, while longer and more luxurious lumberlocks may require up to 10.

    Pump it into your paws and rub 'em together. Assume standard 'Macauly Culkin' form, then draw your hands downward, smoothly and evenly, soaking every single strand of your fancy face-fleece.

    Groom graciously afterwards with a natural bristle brush for the ultimate effect, and instantly feel more righteous and manly.

    Extra-dry or previously unkempt locks may take 1-2 weeks for noticeable effects - well worth it for valiantly viking face fuzz.


But wait, that's not all!

This top-notch tonic may be the bees-knees for beard bolstering, but it can also be used everywhere else on your bodacious, battle-ready bod.

For your magnificent mug, dab on trouble spots like laugh lines and under eyes to keep the woes of a weary warrior at bay.

For the rest of your formidable frame, liberally lather for any reason, ranging from dry parched patches to scars, to keep your epic epidermis as brilliant as Odin's stars.




Carefully crafted to fight odor while smelling amazing, Ashtanga is a sweet and clean blend. 

Imagine yourself meditating in a cedar-set temple, drawing in deep breaths of crisp wood, noticing the aroma of vanilla as you inhale the sensuous steam piping from your nearby tea cup. 

Then, a mild morning breeze besets you with a welcome waft of yuzu lemon and rose flowers from a nearby garden ... followed by an evanescent and earthy smell of damp leaves, momentarily grounding you back into righteous reality in which you exist.

If you are particularly concerned about cleanliness and smelling good, then Ashtanga is the blend for you.


Inspired by the sacred landscape of Sedona, Arizona - Hatha is a simple but luxurious blend of plants held sacred by us humans for centuries. 

This fragrance does truly magical things when applied to your skin - blending with your individual chemistry to complement, not compete, with your own smell, becoming an wizened woody shaman on some, and a sumptuous rose-gilded goddess on others. 

No matter what archetype Hatha brings out of you, it will cause those around you to take notice and ask: "WOW you smell amazing, what are you wearing!?" 

When whiffed from the bottle, Hatha conjures the crisp and familiar scent of black coffee wafting through the morning air, cradled by the velvety hands of African Rose - our favorite unisex floral, and peppered the with reverent notes of smoked palo santo wood, reminding us of all those whom we have loved and lost and now hold safe in our hearts.


This intoxicatingly sensual scent was divinely inspired during a kundalini yoga meditation. 

A blend of some of the worlds most luxurious, therapeutic and heavenly essential oils, this fragrance will transport you to a far-off and exotic local. 

Embody your inner ancient priestess with top notes of bright yuzu lemon flower, that subtly blend into a rich Bulgarian rose, mysterious jasmine and earthy palmarosa. 

This temple of scent is built upon a base of smokey ceylon vetiver that balances the bright citrus and grounds our heady florals. Each pure essential oil not only smells indulgent, but also holds incredible healing powers, because we believe your skin should feel as good as it smells. 

Not Sure Which One To Get?
We suggest getting a full-sized bottle of all 3 scents and match your mood to your musk every day!


MCT Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sesame Oil with Essential Oils of ...

Ashtanga Scent: Yuzu Lemon, Vanilla, Ho Wood, Rose, Vetiver

Hatha Scent: Coffee, Rose, Palo Santo

Kundalini Scent: Yuzu Lemon, Jasmine, Palmarosa, Vetiver

Paleo, Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy-Free, All-Natural

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