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Shipping policy

Looking for the shipping status of your order? Please use our chat to get up to date tracking information in a flash!

Orders are generally processed within 20 minutes of being received and ship on the same day. In rare cases an order may take 1-3 days to process and ship. We've shipped thousands of boxes, and in our experience the delivery timings are about 95+% accurate. the carrier sometimes misses a delivery, or fails to scan packages along the way but it is the exception. We don't control the post office and can't make a delivery guarantee, but generally our boxes ship and arrive FAST!

For international shipments, please know that we delivery time will be subject to the destination country's postal service. We are only responsible for getting the box post marked and to the USPS. After that The Dirt disclaims any responsibility for the delivery of the box. Unfortunately we do not have any control over shipping services. We cannot refund orders that fail due to international postal services inability to deliver or customs issues.

United Kingdom -
Due to recent VAT changes we no longer ship to the UK. We support the UK's efforts to optimize their economy and hope to restore shipping in the future.

The Dirt is not responsible for any customs fees assessed by any country. Please contact the destination post office for details prior to your shipment!