• Squeaky Clean Gift Set
  • Squeaky Clean Gift Set
  • Squeaky Clean Gift Set
  • Squeaky Clean Gift Set
  • Squeaky Clean Gift Set
  • Squeaky Clean Gift Set

Squeaky Clean Gift Set


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Let our Squeaky Clean Gift Set give you a solid start on your way to better oral health. With everything you need in one package this gift set is sure to please even the pickiest health enthusiast. Every Squeaky Clean Gift Set comes with our Magical Sexy Eco-friendly Bamboo Toothbrush, Our Premium Copper Anti-microbial Tongue Scraper and your choice of either our Classic Spiced Orange Toothpowder or our Newfangled MCT Oil Toothpaste in our signature Rose Cacao Mint Flavor.

No matter which option you choose it's sure to be a winner! Gift one to a friend, family or co-worker and blow their minds with an awesome out of the box brushing experience. After all, what makes a better gift than health? ...umm health that looks awesome and tastes even better that's what!


  • Magical Sexy Bamboo Toothbrush* 
  • Premium Anti-Microbial Copper Tongue Scraper

With Your Choice of:

  • Spiced Orange Tooth-brushing Powder ( 6 Month Supply ) ( Vegan Friendly)
  • Rose Cacao Mint MCT Oil Toothpaste ( 6 Month Supply )

Why should you use our toothpaste? Many toothpastes that claim to be natural but have xylitol which is often made from GMO corn and soy products that are also GMO. Our toothpaste is truly Natural, our special blend of ingredients taste amazing without ANY artificial sweeteners! Other toothpastes cant say that!

Check out what real people say about our toothpowder:


*PLEASE NOTE: Orders placed in NOVEMBER will receive a different toothbrush than featured in the main image. You will receive an equally eco-friendly and fabulous brush from "brush with bamboo" in your order. That bush is pictured in the product images and has white bristles. We apologie for any confusion.