• The Dirt on TSA Approved Toiletries

    How many times have you left your toothpaste or toothbrush behind when traveling? I love to take the 5:50 AM flight out of BNA to get to my destination as soon as possible. The only downside to the early wake up is leaving my toothpaste behind or throwing it in a carry on and not remembering to t... View Post
  • New Product Launch - Plastic Free Biodegradable Floss!

    Biodegradable, Ecofriendly, Effective! Are you looking for a natural biodegradable floss that feels nice between the teeth? We've got you set! Our natural beeswax coated silk floss is your best bet. Made from things that will fall apart in the wild, so you don't have to worry about trashing the ... View Post
  • The Dirt Launches New Super Mint Toothpowder!

    At The Dirt, we believe that simple natural formulas can outperform complicated industrial products without compromising on ingredients or user experience. That was why we founded The Dirt and that is why we are excited to bring you an extraordinary new toothpowder formula powered by great natu... View Post