• Save the Humans - The Awa Tribe of the Amazon

      We live in an amazing time, technology is at an all time high and more people have more options than ever before. At the same time many people feel disconnected from their lives and lack fulfillment, our environment is in dire condition and we all are looking for a way to change ourselves and ... View Post
  • What's wrong with Xylitol?

    Now and again we get cutting edge health fans asking us, "hey whats up with xylitol? and why does The Dirt avoid using it?" Well without writing and encyclopedic blog article here are the main concerns we have and a link to a few articles with more in depth information. Happy Reading! Most xyl... View Post
  • Paleo Holiday Gift Guide

    The holidays are almost here and the team at 'The Dirt' wanted to share some of their favorite paleo gifts with you (besides our lip balm and toothpowder of course, ok so we included those too :) The holidays can be hard for primal people, what with all the sweets and cheap candy, but buying pale... View Post