• Natural Skincare - Holiday Gift Guide

    The holidays are coming quick! Are you looking to get something special for that person in your life who is beautiful inside and out?  We've compiled a list of the top natural skin care products for that eco-friendly friend in your life. 1. Alitura Santal Black - $59 Get ready for a treat, Al... View Post
  • The Dirt on Doggy Breath

    We’ve all smelled it and we’ve all had the dog who dealt it. DOG BREATH! But how can The Dirt fix it?! Brushing your pets’ teeth is as important to your furry friends health as it is to ours. Now, we don’t expect you to include your dogs grooming into your daily routine. However, fitting it into ... View Post
  • Lip Balm So Natural You Can Eat It.

    Do you love a minty fresh lip balm but hate the waxy slop left over by some other brands? We developed our new Eucalyptus peppermint Dirty Balm to moisturize with a silky smooth blend of lipids that leave your lips feeling softer than a puppies’ tummy. It is so gentle that it can be used almost a... View Post